Ben Sibley – Podiatrist

EPC (Care Plan) Referrals to Podiatry accepted. Fees for EPC referral are as follows:

10962 $57.95 $52.95 $5.00

If you have foot pain caused by sore arches, heel spurs, corns or callouses, flatfeet or ingrown toenails, make an appointment to see our experienced Podiatrist, Ben Sibley. Ben has 19 years of experience and is committed to relieving foot pain as quickly and easily as possible.


To reduce the effects of some foot complaints, particularly diabetes, we are now able to offer our patients medically designed Doctor Comfort Shoes, slippers and Compression Socks for men and women.

The shoes are of the highest quality leather, and because of their unique extra depth and width in the toe box and forefoot, they help prevent pressure on swollen feet, bunions or hammer toes.


They are guaranteed to provide genuine relief and comfort from numerous foot aches and pains.

The Compression Socks combine function, fashion and comfort for preventative, medically correct support that looks good too.

They will help improve circulation and are really beneficial following surgery, during and after pregnancy and when travelling.

Ben will fit these shoes for you.

Ben is available Monday to Thursday

CALL 5433 1500 or 1300 HUB MED